About Us



Welcome to Sicily! I’m Barbara Iurato, founder, CEO and managing director of "Eracle Travels", a luxury incoming travel company located in Ragusa, south-Eastern Sicily.

We are travel designers that tailor your unique experiences to your personal style and try to let you experience the best of Sicily through our bespoke itineraries that  go beyond the "ordinary" tours.

The tour operator is born in November 2006 and takes its source from my passion for travelling and my love for Sicily, my homeland.

I’m graduated in “Foreign languages and literatures-English, German and French” at the Pisa University and spent many years abroad to improve my knowledge. But I grow up in tourism since my mother’s family has been managing in Sicily a bus, minivan and luxury car company for about 70 years with clients from all over the world!

My experience in tourism filed takes its roots back to my childhood, when I had the opportunity to be in touch with my mothers’ clients and could experience how much they loved my country.

I’m also a licensed guide and that adds an important experience to my knowledge for the clients' wishes and expectations from a holiday in Sicily: what we offer are authentic EXPERIENCES that allow you to be in touch with  Sicilian people and enjoy Sicilian lifestyle, not only culture, hustory, wine and food!

Today my team is composed by Veronica, Paola and Adriana. We speak English, German, French and Spanish, and our knowlegde comes from personal and longlasting relationships with people that share our values basad on familly, tradition, friendship and passion for our wonderful country!

We aim to become the point of reference for those people that from nearer or farer worlds want to discover not only the most known Sicilian destinations but to experience the hidden treasures of the Island Sicily: a land rich in colours and traditions.

Our guides and services are strictly selected. And  we offer a local concierge support, so that our clients have always an expertise during their stay. 

And belive us: you will keep in your heart the authentic experience of a tour in Sicily with us for the rest of your life!

Let's join us!